Leaders United by BID Quality Achievement

AFRIKISOL Industrie, from Tunisia, winner of the BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris 2017

Paris hosted this year's BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention, where professionals and business leaders from around the world gathered to recognize excellence and success. In particular, the convention celebrated quality in business and operations. Award winners demonstrated commitment to the criteria of the QC100 TQM Model, which helps bolster customer satisfaction and cost efficiency across all areas of operation.

Among this year's winners, Wafa Dhifi of Afrikisol Industrie, from Tunisia, received the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in the Gold Category at the BID Quality Convention in Paris. The organization has made huge strides this year as a leader not only within its sector, but also in Tunisia. The Award came as an ideal way to celebrate this past year's successes while looking forward to putting quality first in the year to come.

Paris hosted this year's BID International Quality Convention, where professionals and business leaders from around the world gathered to recognize excellence and success. In particular, the convention celebrated quality in business and operations. Award winners demonstrated commitment to the criteria of the QC100 TQM Model, which helps bolster customer satisfaction and cost efficiency across all areas of operation. 

Paris, one of the largest cities in Europe, is considered one of the top three most important cities in the world due to its influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts. Paris is home to some of the planet?s most important international organizations including UNESCO, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the International Chamber of Commerce.  The Paris urban area boasts a population of over 11 million people and is home to 37 Fortune 500 companies. Its 3,800 historical monuments and 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites attract more than 42 million tourists per year, making Paris the most visited city in the world and the perfect location for BID?s Quality Commitment Convention. 

Afrikisol  Industrie won the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in the Gold category in Paris in the presence of leaders and representatives from 5 continents at the International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention. The prestigious award is presented in recognition of business excellence and innovation. From left to right: Prof. Dr. Alfonso C. Casal, Scientific Director of BID, Wafa Dhifi, Gérante et Directrice Générale of Afrikisol  Industrie,  Jose E. Prieto, President and CEO of BID and Devin Savage, Head of Quality Research.

Wafa Dhifi stood before the gathering of international leaders, sharing the company's achievements to date as well as its future ambitions and goals. Despite the difficult current global economic climate, Afrikisol Industrie strives to excel in quality each day, creating a competitive advantage in its industry. For this reason, Afrikisol Industrie won the 2017 BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris. The Award is presented by BID to those companies and organizations from around the world that best adhere to excellence and innovation in their practices, putting quality first at all levels of organization.

Leaders awarded by BID are united by their commitment to quality in their respective sectors. This year, winning organizations include:

-Botswana Tourism Organisation, from Botswana. Botswana Tourism Organisation has dedicated monumental support in recent years to promote a sustainable tourism industry in Botswana. This enormous effort has created ?Race for Rhinos?, a remarkable campaign which consists of an Air Race over rhino territory, meant to help protect the endangered rhinos from the Serowe and the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, as well as the those of Debswana?s Orapa Game Park. This noble cause proves how industry and governments can join forces to tackle environmental and eco-related issues with profitable, creative, sustainable solutions.

-EYAD Catering & Restaurant Consulting, from Russia. The michelin starred chef Eyad Abulsharaf, a celebrity in the culinary industry, is the heart and soul behind this prestigious catering company. Specialized in luxury events and haute cuisine they have become world famous for creating spectacular pastries and cakes. Some of Eyad designs reach over 5 meters of cream cake, shaping the form of a Fabergé Egg and becoming the star dish at diplomatic events, official celebrations and top level business meetings.  

-JHART International, from USA. Focused on consulting and legal advisory for companies entering the U.S. market and doing business abroad, this American firm has a solid commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, with the support of providing internationaltraining for students and entrepreneurs, as well as the organization of coaching activities to supply meaningful knowledge and deep insight about the United States customs regulations and import/export taxes

-LLC Royal House Group - Ukraine. Capable of producing a complete house at a factory, to be later assembled in situ, this innovative company has achieved excellence by reducing waste, increasing productivity, reducing operating costs and time frames, and  overall, becoming far more efficient than other traditional construction companies. The technology inside Royal House pre-constructed products, allows it to produce 140,000 sq. m. of housing per year, at a very high quality level, not only in the structural quality of the construction, but also in the internal finishings of each house.

-XIPHIAS Software Technologies, from India. XIPHIAS Software Technologies is one of the leading technology provider in India since 2005, offering a vast portfolio of innovative products and services in the hardware and software division. They take immense pride in our world-class quality products which undergo rigorous checks during the build to meet the requisite standards.

The companies honored in Paris were recognized not only for their entrepreneurial achievements, but also for their dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, key concepts of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Seeking to increase customer satisfaction and optimize efficiency, the model promotes an organizational culture of engagement and a proactive approach to improving processes.

All of the winning companies in Paris have expressed their commitment to the QC100 TQM Model, which serves as an excellent example for other organizations in today's rapidly changing business environment. By making customer satisfaction the highest measure of quality, BID award winners set the benchmark in their respective sectors and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries, paving the way for world-changing initiatives. A key example can be seen through Afrikisol Industrie, whose spirit of innovation and positive growth has overcome and indeed thrived in the challenging current global economic climate.

An ongoing commitment to Quality, one of the core requirements for receiving a BID Award, can be witnessed through the distinguished companies previously honored with a BID Quality Award. Companies which already share BID's corporate seal are present in more than 170 countries and include world-renowned names on the Fortune Global 500 list such as: Operadora VIPS, of Wal-Mart Stores (1) Indian Oil Corporation Limited (161); and Beijing COFCO Plaza Development (121).

Other previous BID winners worthy of mention include Operadora VIPS of México belonging to Walmart number 1 on the Fortune 500 list, Turner Construction International - USA / UAE,  Project Manager for the construction of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai), Kaspersky Lab ZAO ' Russia; Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) - India, 161 on the Fortune Global 500; CH2M Hill International, 478 on the Fortune 500; Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen ' Panama;  PRIME Business School - Universidad Sergio Arboleda - Colombia; Micromata GmbH - Germany; Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd. Co. - China; Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bhd (JKSB) - Malaysia, in change of management and construction of the entire project of the Second Penang Bridge, the longest bridge in Asia; Burgan Bank Group.

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